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About IDGateway airport ID pass application management and monitoring system, IDGateway

About  IDGateway

ID Centre and Airport Experts

Our management team has over 30 years’ experience of working with ID Centres as well as with Signatories, giving us a unique understanding of the needs of all stakeholders in the ID process.


Agile Developers

We follow an Agile Development methodology to achieve early delivery and continuous improvement in our software. This methodology better supports the evolutionary needs of airports, enabling a rapid and flexible response to change.


Customer Comes First

IDGateway’s roots are firmly planted in people-centric B2B solutions. Where many software houses place customer needs behind the pressures of their release-schedule, we are a highly customer-focused business, from top to bottom.

The IDGateway Story

IDGateway was founded by Julian Parker and Nick Trollope, who from 2003 to 2014 built the UK’s largest and most capable ID background checking business, Procius. Occupying a market-leading position in this niche sector gave Julian and Nick a unique perspective on ID application and pass-management .

Julian shares their story “Through our close relationships and daily interactions with Signatories at every airport in the UK, we learned their frustrations with a heavily paper-based process, highly changeable rules and the lack of visibility of the status of each application, once submitted to the ID centre. It wasn’t just the signatories that had issues with the existing process. We collaborated closely with airports, sharing with them ID centre best practice and advising them on the viability of proposed security policy. Through this dialogue, the airports shared their own frustrations with the process. Signatories were failing to understand and adhere to the ID centre standards. Rejection rates were high and ID centre staff costs were largely biased towards fixing errors and fielding queries. The airports felt that too much emphasis was being placed on bureaucracy and too littlle focus was being placed on genuine threat-management.

In the period from 2013 to present, the IDGateway team have taken all of the above learning (coupled with our internal technology expertise) and built the ‘best in class’ software solution for ID centres and Signatories.

We have continued to consult with airports, ID centres and signatories along our development journey and indeed the customer’s voice has dictated the path.

We haven’t designed IDGateway to just replicate a paper process, we leave that to other products! Our philosophy is to take each airport’s unique security rules and integrate them within their local solution so that it can be deployed in real-time at each and every stage of the application process. In addition to pass-application, we also deliver live authentication and access control for temporary IDs, vehicle passes and driver permits using patent pending technology. We do this because airports and signatories have dared to ask us, “wouldn’t it be great if we could…..” and IDGateway has made it possible.”

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