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Airport Drivers


The smarter way to manage your Driver permits

Tailored to your site requirements, IDGateway helps with the issuing and management of airport Driver permits

How ‘IDGateway for Drivers’ works



Fast Access to Training

Airport drivers can book their own training within the pre-set availability

Improves Security & Compliance

Security control points are able to remotely verify driver and their documentation in real time

Penalty Schemes Made Simple

Instant and remote issue of non-compliance notices

Airport Users

Improving Compliance


  • Driver permits all managed on a single compliance-based platform with full audit trail
  • SmartPass scanning of permits allows Airfield Ops to immediately check whether drivers are allowed to drive in certain areas
  • Inbuilt messaging system enable centres to update all relevant parties on application progress, permit changes or notices served
  • The ease at which Airfield Ops can manage and upscale their NCN activity breeds more compliant driver behaviours on the airfield

Course Bookings


  • Set-up and manage your training course schedules for all types of airside driver permits
  • Drivers book their courses online (self-service) saving you time and energy

Insight/ intelligence


  • View and approve all driver documents (driving licences, medicals etc) in a single place
  • Receive automatic warnings when drivers on your airfield have documents which are close to expiry
  • Non-compliance notices (i.e. penalty points) stored online against all drivers making a complete driver history in each case

Self-issue of Permits


  • No more need to produce or issue driver permits from Airfield Ops
  • Once each driver is confirmed a having passed their course, the sponsor prints the driver permit – saving you valuable time
  • Eradicates all costs associated with driver permit production

Driver Penalities


  • Airfield Ops can issue non-compliance notices (NCN’s) live on the airfield, with a points-based system covering all driver non-compliance
  • Drivers who exceed your stated maximum points are immediately barred from driving on the airfield
  • IDGateway’s convenient online appeals process takes the strain out of managing appeals from sponsors against driver sanctions

Implementation & Support


  • Deployable at your airport at high speed. Configuration to your unique ID Standard is normally achievable in less than 2 weeks
  • User guides, training material and online support available for all IDGateway functions
  • Our telephone helpline is manned by friendly and approachable team members, who are all part of the IDGateway development team

76x76_Sponsor_UsersSponsor Users

1 Step Initiation


  • Enter basic driver information only to initiate each permit application
  • Easy to control driver access to Apron, Manouevring Area and Runway driver training

Self-Service for Driver


  • Each driver completes the majority of their permit application (saving you time)
  • Driver can book their own training course(s), based around their operational commitments
  • Drivers upload their own driving licences, medicals etc, so you don’t need to chase them for these documents

Document Management


  • A single place to maintain and manage all documents relating to all drivers
  • Benefit from IDGateway’s automatic reminders ahead of document expiry / renewal dates
  • Print your own driver permits from within IDGateway, immediately after Airfield Ops confirms that training was successful

Better Visibility


  • See the status of all of your applications for driver permits, at all times
  • Where queries are found in any permit application, you are alerted immediately and can upload a fix within minutes
  • Instant confirmation of training course outcomes, means you plan your operational driver activity more efficiently

Intelligent Prompts


  • Instant information on when each driver registers for their permit application and selects/attends their training
  • Real-time confirmation when training courses become full, or in the event of drop-outs (ie last-minute availability)
  • Instant information on any non-compliance notices (NCN’s) issued to your drivers on the airfield

Intuitive & User Friendly


  • Easy to use online portal, with clear step-by-step guidance on all driver-related processes
  • Permit application, training courses and permit issue/management all managed in a single location, but accessible from anywhere
  • NCN process handled fairly and diplomatically, with in-built appeals process for swift resolution of any NCN disputes

SmartPass for Drivers

Our patent pending SmartPass technology enables real time management of Driver passes.

  • Unique, patent pending technology can be used with any web enabled device
  • Security control points are able to remotely verify Driver permissions and documents in real time
  • Instant issuing of penalty points or barring of Drivers either remotely or on-site using the mobile app.




IDGateway is the most comprehensive and capable software platform that exists for airports with unique capabilities for people, vehicles and drivers.

  • Based on over 30 years’ experience of managing ID checking to rigorous airport standards and designing relevant and innovative technologies

  • Developed by a responsive and agile team who are skilled experts in ID centre technology requirements

  • Technical support direct from the friendly IDGateway development team

  • Easily and quickly configured to your specific airport security requirements

  • IDGateway ensures submissions are right first time with discrepancies highlighted at each step making the application process easier and more efficient

  • Unique, SmartPass technology enables live pass checking to enhance security for temporary and vehicle passes

  • Future development of IDGateway is led by the voice of the customer

  • One integrated platform to manage all passes and permits for people, vehicles and drivers

  • Tried out a couple of temp people passes – wonderful, cleared within 5 mins each from IDC side
    Wilson James Limited
  • Great, does exactly what I need it to do, and all works fine. A few pass requests made early in the day have been turned around within 1 hour. That makes a great difference, especially if you have forgotten to pre order one in the first place.
      John Lewis Partnership
  • Best turn around time 8 minutes Worst 8 Hrs!!
  • Excellent system!
    Authorised Signatory Momart Ltd
  • Very good.  In the short time that I have used it I have found it to be clear and efficient and holds/gives all information needed - even with a rejection I quickly knew the reason why and could resolve quickly.
  • Easy and fast to use!
      Southampton Airport


For Airports

Depending on your requirements we can tailor the service to meet your needs.                                                                                          .

For Sponsors

IDGateway doesn’t charge Signatories for use of the platform, however the ID Centre may choose to charge a fee per application.

Efficient Operations

Save time with the driver uploading their own documentation and booking their own training course(s)

Increased Compliance

Real time verification of Driver’s permissions and documentation available remotely on the airfield

Remote Control

Apply penalty points on the airfield with instant notifications sent direct to the sponsor and recorded on the drivers file.                                                        .


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