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Airport People


Airport ID pass applications for people

This secure hosted system enables you to manage and monitor ID passes for people.

How ‘IDGateway for People’ works




Reduces rejection rates

IDGateway manages the application process at every step to reduce rejection rates to a minimum                 .

Speeds up turnaround

IDGateway’s instant notifications allow ID Centres and Signatories to resolve queries in minutes and hours, instead of days and weeks


All activity monitored

IDGateway’s full auditing and reporting functions mean there is full visibility for ID Centres and Signatories on application progress

Airport Users


Application Types


  • Handles both Permanent and Temporary ID passes, airside and landside
  • Self-issue of Temporary Passes significantly reduces ID centre visits
  • Our patent-pending ‘SmartPass’ technology allows Temporary ID Passes to be scanned and verified at security check points

Easy to Configure


  • IDGateway’s “rules engine” can be quickly configured to meet your airport’s unique ID Standard
  • Manage your own ID centre users with ease, including user permissions and workflows
  • Easily adjust your security metrics up or down (by sponsor, signatory or applicant characteristics) to focus on known risks or threats

Unique Depth of Security


  • Temporary ‘SmartPasses’ add an additional security level, reducing the potential for insider threat
  • ID Standards are applied during every step of the application process, with errors flagged during data input
  • IDGateway flags expired or non-valid documents, gaps/overlaps in referencing, OCRC requirements, conflicts of interest and much more

Boosts ID Centre Efficiency


  • A complete online suite for managing all ID centre workflows, from application processing to appointment booking and pass issue
  • Integrated communication suite to easily send messages to signatories – which automatically records when each one is received and read
  • Numerous reports provided in IDGateway (or tailored to your needs) to identify bottlenecks,  boost ID centre performance and reduce costs


Implementation & Support


  • Can be configured and deployed to your unique ID Standard within two weeks
  • User guides, training material and online support available
  • Our telephone helpline is manned by friendly and approachable team members, who are all part of the IDGateway development team

Business Benefits


  • Drives-down ID centre overheads by significantly reducing queries, phone calls, emails, postal & courier costs, scanning and archiving
  • Drives-up security, through IDGateway’s “rules engine”, through our ‘Smart Pass’ technology and by blocking the path of least resistance
  • Customer service (for sponsors and signatories) is much enhanced, through faster turnaround, greater visibility and reduced sponsor costs

76x76_Sponsor_UsersSponsor Users



Everything in One Place


  • A single portal to make all applications for Permanent and Temporary ID passes, airside and landside
  • Stores your applicant and employee data for use in future applications within your company
  • All communication from and to the ID Centre made through IDGateway, with copies stored online for full audit trail

Better Visibility


  • See the status of all of your applications inside the ID Centre, at all times
  • Instant alerts of application queries from the ID Centre meaning you can upload a fix within minutes
  • IDGateway tracks the turnaround time for each application type against the ID Centre’s stated SLA


Passes Issued faster


  • Achieve near 0% rejections and get your applicants airside quicker
  • Form completion is fast and intuitive and submission into the ID centre is instant. No more post or couriers!
  • Print Temporary passes from within IDGateway, immediately after the ID centre approves each application

Improves Learning


  • IDGateway guides you step-by-step through even the most complex applicant background
  • The right airport’s rules are shown to you (in bite size chunks) at the right times, improving the knowledge of your users and signatories
  • Improved knowledge means less mistakes are made during the application stage, leading to faster pass issue

Resourcing Tool


  • Use IDGateway to build applicant profiles and assess how difficult they would be to background check
  • Add and upload references as you receive them, to build each applicant’s profile until you have enough to submit the application
  • IDGateway predicts the turnaround time for each application (based on “live” data) enabling better workforce planning

Manages Workload


  • All pass application workflows managed for you. IDGateway always guides you on what needs to happen next in each case
  • Personalise your dashboard view, so you only see applications which are relevant to your part of the business
  • Your users and signatories might be spread over multiple locations, but IDGateway coordinates team workload as if under one roof

SmartPass for People

Our patent-pending SmartPass technology enables real time management of temporary airport ID passes.

  • Ensures real-time compliance of temporary passes in use
  • Enhances security
  • Unique, patent-pending technology can be used with any web enable device



IDGateway is the most comprehensive and capable software platform that exists for airports with unique capabilities for people, vehicles and drivers.

  • Based on over 30 years’ experience of managing ID checking to rigorous airport standards and designing relevant and innovative technologies

  • Developed by a responsive and agile team who are skilled experts in ID centre technology requirements

  • Technical support direct from the friendly IDGateway development team

  • Easily and quickly configured to your specific airport security requirements

  • IDGateway ensures submissions are right first time with discrepancies highlighted at each step making the application process easier and more efficient

  • Unique, SmartPass technology enables live pass checking to enhance security for temporary and vehicle passes

  • Future development of IDGateway is led by the voice of the customer

  • One integrated platform to manage all passes and permits for people, vehicles and drivers

  • Turning around full pass applications within 1 day where as before this would take 2 weeks or more. Also if you get a rejection you can deal with it there and then instead of waiting for the pack to be sent back.
    JD Wetherspoon PLC
  • Fantastic improvement to our old system I recently applied for a temporary pass for a driver making an out of hours delivery we had a reply and his pass within 10min
  • Very good.  In the short time that I have used it I have found it to be clear and efficient and holds/gives all information needed - even with a rejection I quickly knew the reason why and could resolve quickly.
  • It's pleasant, straight forward and it makes sense. Easy to use and easy to log in. On one occasion I was asked to unpark ID. It was as simple as filling out the details and ID was unparked within 10 minutes.
    Heathrow Airport  
  • Fantastic, almost a joy to make an application! I applied for a full airside ID pass and the very next day it was approved! I applied for a pass to be un- parked and within 5 minutes it was approved! I made an error with the date of anew employment reference and with the reference of an ID document. Normally this would be 2 rejections but I was able to quickly amend both in one go.
      TYCO Fire and Integrated Solutions
  • Can I just say, I love your portal, it’s very user friendly, clear instruction etc… and whenever I have emailed support, I always get an answer back very quickly and always an answer of clarity, that can be easily be followed/understood.
    Interduct U.K. LTD


For Airports

Depending on your requirements we can tailor the service to meet your needs.                                                                                          .

For Sponsors

IDGateway doesn’t charge Signatories for use of the platform, however the ID Centre may choose to charge a fee per application.

Increases Efficiency

Instant query notifications enabling quicker resolution, plus instant visibility on application progress and ID performance could transform ID Centre operations

Increases Security

Unique SmartPass technology could revolutionise on-site security with enhanced real time verification pass checks

Reduces Cost

Elimination of paper. Saving time and money managing, sending and storing files                                                                      .


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