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IDGateway started life running systems for Airport ID Centres and AirportGateway remains our core product. This globally recognised solution by Airport Security and Compliance Managers from Heathrow to Sydney is now implemented in 27 airports (13 within the UK) with passenger numbers ranging from 55K to 80M per annum.

Every airport has their own unique set of challenges and requirements whilst needing to remain compliant with legislation. Our airport solutions seamlessly complement existing operations, ensuring maximum security for both staff and passengers, creating significant operational efficiencies. Beyond ID Pass management, we have become a central hub to manage a variety of applications and workflows as the common touch point for all airport-based companies.


AirportGateway is an industry leading solution, built to uniquely transform airport ID Centre processes, enhance security, and ensure maximum efficiency.

From our globally recognised self-print temporary visitor passes to full airside pass management solutions and airside vehicle permits, our AirportGateway solution is unrivalled in the industry. Proven to reduce costs, improve compliance and decrease ID pass turnaround times, AirportGateway is a complete solution for managing, controlling and processing all pass types at any size airport across the globe.


VisitorGateway manages over 250,000 temporary pass applications annually and is the most popular IDGateway solution.

VisitorGateway’s unique functionality means that Signatories can apply for a temporary visitor pass up to 28 days in advance and schedule it for the exact days that a pass needs to be active, dramatically improving efficiency. The ‘self-print’ function removes tens of thousands of visitors to your ID Centre every year as Signatories can print passes instantly from any office printer and have them scanned on entry to Airside areas or Critical Parts of the airport.


VehicleGateway is a popular solution designed to make the creation and ongoing management of VAPs simple while improving security & compliance.

Under VehicleGateway, all vehicles contain a unique ‘SmartPass’ which can be scanned by any web-enabled device within the airport and airfield environment. This allows Security Control Points to validate that vehicles are cleared to enter the CP and to automatically reject vehicles in the event that insurance or other vehicle documents have expired, denying access in real-time.


DriverGateway allows an organisation to smartly manage all elements of driver permits, from scheduling driver training via pre-set availability, to instantly and remotely issuing penalty points and compliance notices.

Our unique solution supports organisations who need to segment their sites into driver zones to manage selective access. Additionally, organisations can configure rules to meet their business requirements and choose a suitable approval process based around their current operation.