Our new ‘SmartPass®’ app has landed.

Our SmartPass® tracking technology is now available, offering a significantly faster, more robust and friendly way to validate both People and Vehicle passes for access to your secure areas.

Removing the need to have specialist hardware, Users can now download the IDGateway SmartPass® app from the app store onto any Apple or Android device. Following a short registration process via the ID Centre, they can link their device to the airport’s IDGateway portal and start validating passes. The app’s intelligence ensures heightened security as well as enabling processes to become more user friendly.

ID Centre’s can disable, enable or add new devices at any time from the main central portal. Security teams can also view a devices scanner log, to identify historically scanned passes from any paired device, as well as the time and location where the activity took place.

For airports looking for a cost-effective method, there is a function to control how many devices are paired at anyone time, allowing you to enable and disable devices instantly as to not exceed your quota.

SmartPass® is just one of the innovative technologies we have created to support the transformation of airport ID pass processes. Why not discover more, by browsing through our VisitorGateway or AirportGateway solutions today.