What types of pass exist and the temporary pass holder.

So how have ID pass regulation evolved and how do these effect the ‘temporary pass holder‘? In March 2003, after the September 11th attacks, background checks became mandatory for high-security professionals in possession of an ID Pass. These regulations were heightened by policies created by the Department of Transport and enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

It is now the responsibility of the authorised Signatory to ensure all pass holders are made aware of their personal responsibilities, with regard to the proper use of an ID pass and ensuring all background checks are conducted.

Using the experience and knowledge held within the IDGateway team, we have successfully created an innovative system which incorporates legislations and requirements from all parties; as well as a functional, efficient workflow for both the Airport ID Centres and applicants.

What types of passes are there?

Despite all application requirements being regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, passes can still be created and adapted to fulfil an airport’s local requirements. The IDGateway ‘rules engine’ has the ability to tailor and manage ID checks, according to an airports individual requirements. This functionality allows airports to configure the rules on which an applicant can receive a pass.

The most common pass types are airside and landside both for permanent staff and temporary passes for visitors. However, airports need to be able to manage applications for all sorts of pass holders based on their job roles and needs. Below is a list of passes that IDGateway issues, created for airports to aid their individual requirements. While there are many listed, the list is not limited to expansion and/or the merging of pass types.

Pass types;

Full Airside, Full Vehicle, Temporary Vehicle, Driver License, Temporary Airside, Statutory Rights, Diplomat, Tupe, Reissue of a full pass, Un-parking / Lost or Stolen ID Pass, Change of details to an existing ID Pass, Landside ID, Signatory Application, 5 Year Reissue (Airside), 5 Year Reissue (Landside), Statutory Rights


IDGateway has created a unique functionality allowing signatories to apply for temporary passes, only for the days that a worker requires access to the organistaion.


'The Temporary Pass Holder'

Airports live on their temporary passes, as ad-hoc visitors are the life blood of many operations. The ability to quickly and efficiently issue temporary passes is of high priority to maintain an airport’s 24/7 operation. Background checks for a permanent application can often take a number of weeks to complete and temporary passes can often provide the solution.

Some applicable scenarios might be;

  1. Calling in a worker to carry out emergency work in an area of the airport.
  2. Planned work to be carried out at the airport, that will take under 60 days to complete.
  3. A new starter who needs to begin work, but their permanent pass is still being processed.

Temporary pass rules state that a user may not have a temporary pass for more than 60 cumulative days in any 12-month rolling period. For example, using a 30-day pass means that if a worker is only working 5-days per week, they will still have access to the Critical Part of the airport on their days off. This also means that a worker is wasting a small proportion of their 60-day annual allocation unnecessarily.

IDGateway™ has created a unique functionality allowing signatories to apply for temporary passes only for the days that a worker requires access to the airport. Using IDGateway™, a signatory can apply for a temporary pass up to 28 days in advance and schedule it for the exact days that the pass is to be active.

IDGateway™ further reduces this time by allowing self-printing. The ‘self-print’ function allows signatories to print off an ID Pass from a typical office printer and give it to the applicant instantly. This has ultimately eliminated the need for applicants to visit the ID Centre. IDGateway’s™ ‘SmartPass’ technology then allows Temporary ID Passes to be scanned and verified at security check points, meaning they cannot be used outside of the authorised time period.

If you would like more information about the types of passes IDGateway™ can offer and the benefits associated. Please contact a member of our dedicated team.