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Looking for an ID solution to support your business processes?

Discover our full host of ID solutions below to see how we can best support your business. Simply click on a solution to learn more, from specification and pricing, to case studies and key benefits.


WorkplaceGateway is a fully comprehensive solution designed to support all organisations in managing employee ID passes and permits.

The WorkplaceGateway solution allows organisations to manage, control and monitor ID passes for staff from a securely hosted central system. By ensuring the right information (including background checks if required) are captured, WorkplaceGateway can increase compliance and minimise security risks within the workplace, as well as reducing costs and improving internal processes.


AirportGateway is an industry leading solution, built to uniquely transform airport ID Centre processes, enhance security, and ensure maximum efficiency.

From our globally recognised self-print temporary visitor passes to full airside pass management solutions and airside vehicle permits, our AirportGateway solution is unrivalled in the industry. Proven to reduce costs, improve compliance and decrease ID pass turnaround times, AirportGateway is a complete solution for managing, controlling and processing all pass types at any size airport across the globe.


VehicleGateway is a popular solution designed to make the creation and ongoing management of vehicle access permits simple while improving security & compliance.

Under VehicleGateway, all vehicles contain a unique ‘SmartPass®’ which can be scanned by any web-enabled device within your organisation’s environment. This allows security officers to validate that vehicles are cleared to enter the worksite and to automatically reject vehicles in the event that insurance or other vehicle documents have expired, denying access in real-time. Equally, VehicleGateway can be used for the self-print and automated validation of parking permits on vehicles with a simple roaming app, allowing parking officers to easily validate each vehicle.


VisitorGateway manages over 250,000 temporary pass applications annually and is the most popular IDGateway solution.

VisitorGateway’s unique functionality means that organisations can create visitor passes online and in advance of their visitor’s arrival. Visitor passes can be scheduled for a specific time/date period, dramatically improving security. The ‘self-print’ function also allows visitors to print passes instantly from any domestic printer to then have their identity validated on arrival by using a simple app.


DriverGateway allows organisation to smartly manage all elements of driver permits, from scheduling driver training via pre-set availability, to instantly and remotely issuing penalty points and compliance notices.

Our unique solution supports organisations who need to segment their sites into driver zones to manage selective access.  Additionally, organisations can configure rules to meet their business requirements and choose a suitable approval process based around their current operation


At IDGateway, we understand that ID pass solutions and the associated security requirements, vary from business to business. We are therefore delighted to customise a solution unique to even the most unique set of requirements.

Whether you want to tailor an existing solution or ask us to build a fully bespoke product to meet your business needs. Our team are on hand to develop innovative ideas, with enhanced security and increased efficiency as the number one priority.

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