Functional Specifications

AirportGateway, a globally recognised solution to efficiently manage ID Pass applications and reduce the insider threat.

AirportGateway is more than just a pass management tool, with a range of functionality to improve user experience and enhance business performance via a securely hosted platform.

The customised reporting dashboard also allows organisations to better track performance of specific areas and to plan improvements to business processes. Users can also manage applications on the go from any mobile device, uploading and editing documents through our web-enabled app-based device.

  • AirportGateway’s instant notifications allow ID Centres and Signatories to resolve queries in minutes and hours, instead of days and weeks
  • The platforms full auditing and reporting functions mean there is full visibility for ID Centres and Signatories on application progress
  • Drives-up security, through AirportGateway’s “rules engine”, through our ‘Smart Pass’ technology and by blocking the path of least resistance
  • Easily adjust your security metrics up or down (by sponsor, signatory or applicant characteristics) to focus on known risks or threats

Airport ID Applications

AirportGateway has managed over 1,059,000 airport ID pass applications to date across all airports, with users describing the solution as “the best thing to happen to Security Control in years”.


Good to Excellent

When we asked our users how our solution compares to other methods of ID Pass management, 92% of users rated our solution good to excellent.

Total Airports

We are delighted that AirportGateway is implemented as a preferred partner at 11 airports, both large and small; Heathrow, Newcastle, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Southampton, Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Isle of Man and Stansted.