DriverGateway, the smarter way to manage your driver permits, tailored to your sites requirements. From defining driver zones to managing penalty points, our unique solution enables organisations to smoothly process and manage driver permits.

DriverGateway allows businesses to define driver zones across whole sites, this means that security teams can better manage driver access across any environment, splitting the site up into multiple sections and approving permits for specific zones. Users can make additional applications for other driver zones, by simply cloning elements of the original application to speed up the process.

Dependencies and penalty points provide organisations with an additional layer of protection and prevention. Organisations can set ‘dependencies’, whereby users must already have access to a number of specific zones before they can apply for additional or more critical zones. Much like a standard driving license, organisations can apply penalty points to a driver permit and once a threshold is reached, permits are automatically suspended, and driver access revoked.

If organisations require drivers to have completed a driver training course before receiving their permit, DriverGateway’s robust two-stage approval process can ensure that this requirement is met. Approval can be split between the training provider and the approvals team before an application is approved, equally, this can be managed across one team who can view training dates and certificates via the document upload function.


  • Organise email notifications to be sent to the applicant’s manager when concerning penalty points, expiry, and renewals.
  • Change application requirements for applicants with a driving license outside of the EEA (European Economic Area).
  • Fast access to training. Drivers can book onto training courses with pre-set availability through the platform.
  • Penalty schemes made simple – instant and remote issue of non-compliance notices.

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