VehicleGateway is the most efficient solution for processing and managing vehicle passes and vehicle access to your workplace. Our comprehensive solution integrates with the DVLA database to ensure a quicker and smoother data input process, as well as maximise verification of on-site vehicles including information on emissions etc.

VehicleGateway allows organisations to tailor your requirements, based upon the needs of your business. Your organisation can set a range of pre-qualifying questions such as ‘Where is this vehicle kept overnight?’, or ‘Why does this vehicle need access?’, ensuring maximum clarity around all aspects of vehicle access.

Our work with the DVLA allows some vehicle applications to import data from the DVLA database, based on the registration mark, including vehicle make, model and CO2 emissions. Some organisations use this information to inform other areas of the business, like car sharing or employee bus schemes, to reduce the organisation’s environmental footprint.

VehicleGateway also allows organisations to collect relevant documents to prove a vehicle’s road-worthiness, ranging from insurance documents to MOT certificates. As some organisations require vehicles to be inspected before they can have access to a site, the VehicleGateway solution can incorporate a ‘motor transport approval’ section to the vehicle application process.

If your organisation requires vehicles to renew passes on a yearly cycle, the VehicleGateway rules-engine can easily manage renewal applications and revoke access for all vehicles that exceed renewal dates.


  • Security control points are able to remotely verify airside vehicles and approve access in real time.
  • View and approve all sponsors airport vehicle documents (MOT certificates, insurance documents etc) in a single place.
  • VehicleGateway provides automatic reminders ahead of document expiry / renewal dates.

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