VisitorGateway allows for secure visitor access and control across your organisation, whilst saving time by eliminating paperwork as well as improving security and compliance. It is an unrivalled solution, suitable for all companies and businesses, internationally.

VisitorGateway is a smarter way to arrange access to your site for visitors, via a simple online portal. It allows you to manage visitor bookings, document requirements, vehicle access and (if required) to centrally manage and approve visitor pass applications. This may include external guests, temporary workers and building contractors. The secure platform means your organisation can create visitor passes online in advance of each visitor’s arrival, while also scheduling passes to activate only at certain times.

To monitor security and manage visitor access, visitor passes can be time or date limited. If a visitor requires access for a certain period of time, then this can be built into the pass so that it automatically expires at the end of that period. All rules around visitor passes can be decided by your organisation, tailoring the VisitorGateway software to the needs of your specific business.

VisitorGateway further reduces this time by allowing self-printing. The ‘self-print’ function allows visitors to print off an ID Pass from a typical office printer which can then simply be scanned by a mobile device on arrival announcing the visitor has arrived and recording them in the visitors’ log. This ultimately eliminates the need for visitors to have to register at reception on arrival.


  • Schedule temporary passes for a specific time/date period, dramatically improving security.
  • Self-issue temporary passes significantly reduce the need to visit reception areas and register upon arrival.
  • Configure the temporary pass rules-engine to work for your business.

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