Functional Specifications

VisitorGateway, more than just a visitor pass management system.

VisitorGateway boasts a host of functionality which improves user experience and provides a variety of benefits to both your business and your visitors. Customer service is enhanced through faster turnaround of pass applications for gaining site access.

The customised reporting dashboard also allows organisations to better track performance of specific areas and to plan improvements to business processes. Users can also manage applications on the go from any mobile device, uploading and editing documents through our web-enabled app-based device.

  • Our ‘SmartPass’ technology allows Temporary ID Passes to be scanned and verified at security check points
  • Print Temporary passes from within VisitorGateway, immediately after the security centre approves each application
  • All communication from and to the organisation made through VisitorGateway, with copies stored online for full audit trail

Annual Visitor Passes

We manage over 250,000 visitor pass applications annually across our customer-base, with users describing the solution as “the best thing to happen to Security Control in years”.


Good to Excellent

When we asked our users how our solution compares to other methods of ID Pass management, 92% of users rated our solution good to excellent.

Total Users

From the international companies who have partnered with VisitorGateway, we are delighted to have 14,000 users using the system.