Our pricing structures are designed to work in harmony with each client’s finance model, whether capex or opex is preferred.

Here at IDGateway, we appreciate that no two organisations are the same, which is why we strive to deliver alternative pricing models to help with accessibility and affordability.

VisitorGateway can offer a number of different pricing models.

  • Fully licenced. Working on the principal of a site licence you pay an annual licence fee, giving you unlimited access to all the VisitorGateway functionality you require.
  • Fully Transaction. This model allows airports to operate VisitorGateway on a pay-as-you-go basis, with a small charge being applied for every transaction processed through the platform. This allows many organisations to run VisitorGateway in a cost neutral manner, recharging the transactional fees as a part of their ID pass charges.
  • Hybrid.  This allows you to enjoy the benefits of both systems, with a reduced annual licence fee and a smaller transactional fee on each application making up the difference.
  • User pays (coming soon). This mode allows the Sponsor to pay for their pass applications directly on VisitorGateway.  Essentially, VisitorGateway manages and collects all fees and charges relating to your company’s ID’s and then remits funds to you at agreed intervals.

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