Case Study | WorkplaceGateway

How WorkplaceGateway transformed our workplace.

In 2015, Company X selected WorkplaceGateway as their preferred partner to transform their ID application process, enhance security and improve efficiency. Following a successful 2 years in partnership, we review how has the solution transformed their workflow processes, the impact on audits and where the team have seen the biggest improvements.

Since the partnership, WorkplaceGateway has supported Company X in processing a total of 40,841 pass applications, 78% of these being temporary ID passes. With a variety of suppliers operating at the organisation, over 528 organisations have access to WorkplaceGateway, with 1600+ potential users using the system.

In a recent survey 90% of Company X’s users said they agreed or strongly agreed that WorkplaceGateway saved time and 78% said that compared to other methods of ID pass management they felt that the WorkplaceGateway system was excellent. In an exclusive interview with Company X’s Security Manager, Joseph Freeborn, we asked what results the team have seen in terms of security and efficiency. Joseph responds, “From the point of view of efficiency we were operating with a team of five-people to work with the paper-based system, now we are currently running with a team of two-people dedicated to the full pass applications, and another two-people processing temporary passes, all through the online solution. We noticed an improved efficiency in manpower, the paper-based process was pretty manpower intensive, but the WorkplaceGateway process has made that very smooth and more cost effective. We were able to separate our manpower across perm, temp and vehicle passes, so overall, we have saved three FTE heads.”

After a little training the system was very easy to use, and much more efficient than sending hard copies of information backwards and forwards. The whole process also helped me apply, process and amended my applications very quickly by receiving error or unsuccessful application notifications almost immediately.

Security Professional Company X

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